About This Story

Brick by brick, piece by piece the life I knew and loved crumbled into ruin. Like a bad country song, in less than a year I lost my dream job, my beloved dog, then my boyfriend and with him my home and half of my friends. By November, devastated and almost paralyzed with depression, I felt like I no longer knew how to be in this world.

But as one does in the aftermath of destruction, I began to assess the situation and scavenge for what I did have left. What I realized launched my largest life transformation ever. I was in an unusual position of having absolute freedom, and I decided that I needed – and deserved – to go big. It had always been a lifelong dream of mine to live in Europe, having grown up seeing far too many movies set in impossibly old and charming cities lined with cobblestone streets and tiny cafes.

After a year of nomadic living and fumbling around various language learning tools I found myself on a plane to Germany.

This is a story of the ups and downs, the perils and victories of my journey.