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Fortune Favors The Bold

Well hello there. Long time no write, I know. I figure┬áthis┬áblog is pretty much forgotten about. That’s fine, I have a reason to pick it up again. I quit my job yesterday. I took a bold step to really dive… Continue Reading →

Cooking Bug Bites

In my endeavor to push forward with getting back in shape, I’ve obviously been trying to cook healthier. The chili from the previous entry does help, most definitely, which is why I do refer to it as my “secret weapon”…. Continue Reading →

My Secret Weapon

Today I’m writing a post dealing with my personal past. Usually I don’t like to go there in this blog, I save stuff like that for my other, more private blog that few know about and even fewer can see…. Continue Reading →

Chopped Night #2 – My First Race with The Clock

Since we had so much fun last time, we decided to do this again. Only THIS time, I gave myself 30 minutes for each round. John and I went to the grocery store and disbursed separately – he to pick… Continue Reading →

Chopped Night #1 – My Introduction to The Mystery Basket

I have decided while I’ve already gone ahead and applied to be on the Food Network show Chopped, that I really don’t want to wait until when or if I hear back to get some practice under my belt. After… Continue Reading →

I’m Not Dead…

…despite what you might have been thinking. Okay, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve updated in here, but I’ve had some life changes. Good ones, all of them, but they didn’t leave much time for cooking, let alone writing… Continue Reading →

A Very Vegan Bastille Day

My good friends Mike and Liz hosted their Bastille Day party down in Kent this weekend. They’re both very talented vegan chefs that can take just about any dish, make it vegan, and most importantly, make it delicious (sometimes even… Continue Reading →

Dinner Party of Doom – Special Edition! 5.7.11

Okay, okay, this journal is REALLY neglected. I guess during this three week vacation period between my former job of three years and the start date of my brand new KICKASS AMAZING job (I’m seriously stoked about this), you’d think… Continue Reading →


Here’s where I rewind back to mid-February, when I was prepping for my latest Dinner Party of Doom (VI). Okay, so my journal isn’t exactly in chronological order, but this is the first chance I’ve had to really sit down… Continue Reading →

“Dare to be honest and fear no labor.” – Robert Burns

Above: The Mighty FrankenHaggis, defeated by myself and my 14 dinner guests over Scotch, wine, and poetry. Huzzah! On March 5th 2011, I held my very first Robbie Burns’ Night in my home, serving what had been dubbed by my… Continue Reading →

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